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Dogwood Advisors helps leaders solve complex problems related to growth. 

As your business grows, you face many interrelated business and people challenges, and likely wish you had someone neutral to talk to about these in confidence and without judgement.


I provide perspective, create focus, and build accountability, empowering you to address these challenges and free up your company’s potential.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the support of a neutral person with experience building programs, leading teams, implementing tools, and strategizing next steps in growing organizations? ​

I work with people facing challenges related to growth: leaders of small- and medium-sized businesses, associations, and non-profits, and leaders at varying levels inside larger organizations too. 


You and your peers face the same challenges around growth – things like: 

  • needing to be more strategic but mired in the day-to-day,

  • dealing with shifting team dynamics as roles expand, people are stressed, or new people join,

  • leading through change, because everything is always changing (but maybe not on purpose),

  • communicating effectively both internally and externally,

  • establishing or revamping processes or people programs, and documenting everything,

  • keeping track of your own career trajectory and avoiding burnout, 

  • and so on. 


My name is Nicole Zehfuss

Founder & President of Dogwood Advisors

I love a challenge, enjoy strategic thinking, and am skilled at anticipating obstacles and developing innovative strategies to meet changing needs. I am an excellent communicator with strong listening, analysis, project management, change management, collaboration, and coaching skills.

Working with Nicole has allowed me to feel more prepared in handling opportunities and challenges, both personally and professionally. Nicole's coaching provides clarity on whatever topics I've brought to the table, and often she helps me view these discussions through a lens which helps me to understand what result I want out of a given situation.

CD, Founder, real estate development and construction business

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