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Dogwood Advisors commits to integrity, excellence, inclusion, and each client’s success.

Questions? Answers!

How do you work with clients?

It depends, of course, but I usually start with a three- to six-month engagement and then we’ll see where things stand. Initially we might talk once every week or two while we develop a rapport and you start to experience the value of our work together. Once you’re comfortable that you are making progress, we can space out our conversations more if you like. We’ll check in regularly to make sure you’re getting what you need. If our work will include your team, we’ll build a plan together that works with your timeline and schedules. This could include one-on-one meetings I have with members of your team, facilitated group conversations, etc., depending on your needs. Engagements can be one-on-one, with a team, centered on a specific project or topic, or some combination. Even if you’re not sure whether your situation fits in this list, let’s talk.

Will you tell me what to do?

Only if we have a contract that includes consulting! With some clients I do a mix of consulting and coaching, which is fine as long as we agree on that up front. Most of my work now is executive coaching, in which you as the client choose your priorities and action steps. As your coach I provide perspective, create focus, clarify intention, motivate, and build accountability through empowering you.

What if I have more than one problem, or a big challenge with lots of things to figure out? 

Even before we start working together, we’ll talk (confidentially) about what you’re facing and come to a shared understanding of the overall situation, your priorities, and your desired outcome(s). As we work together things might shift around, and that’s ok. We’ll check in regularly to make sure you’re getting what you need.

What if I want to figure out something more personal, like my next career move or how to succeed in a new role? 

That’s great! Let’s talk. Not everything has to be a “problem” or “big” to the outside observer. If it’s important to you and you could use help getting from Point A to Point B, give me a call.

I work in an industry in which you don’t have experience – how can you help me? 

I will listen to you and give you space to work through your challenges. Chances are, in one way or another I’ve encountered something like what you’re facing, and the skills I’ve honed are transferrable to many different arenas. Leaders in growing organizations face a lot of the same challenges regardless of industry, and in our initial conversation we’ll discover whether you require industry-specific expertise from someone else – either in addition to or instead of my help.

How do I sign up? 

Let’s talk! I’ll have questions for you, and it might take a couple of conversations for us to figure out what will fit your unique situation. Please schedule time for us to talk, or send an email first.

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